Mr. Reza Hajipour, Cajon player, was born and live in Bandar Abas in Hormozgan Province. He began his professional music career in a band of blind people called “Saba band” since October 2007…
Mr. Hajipour now is a member of the Special Orchestra of Iran…

You can become 1000 years old and still be the sign of youth\

like flowers who travel on the back of the wind to find the bloom…

Happy 1400 Norouz ❤️


For I disgusted with the devils and wish to see the humans.
Another music video from the Special Orchestra’s, Nik Ava, artists called “Oh Human”.
With special thanks to the dear ones who supported us to create this music video:
Mr. Majid Nazerian who edited this music video.
Mr. Majid Irandoust who directed and recorded this music video.
Mr. Milad Jafarnezhad who arranged this piece.

and also special thanks to Mr. Mohammad Shams for recording this peice

and Mr. Farhad Zaqi and his respectable wife for lending us their beautiful garden for shooting the music video, and thanks to the Nik Ava artists’ families

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Another performance from the Special Orchestra of Iran’s Artists in honor of the beginning of the Norouz 1400 is presented to the beautiful people of Iran and the companions of the Nik Ava.

“Aida Ahmadi” is the new member of the Special Orchestra of Iran, who is blind and was born in Bandar Abas.

with the artistry of this band’s artists and the friendly help of Soroosh-e Mowlana Arts and

Cultural Foundation, is released on September 21 2020 (International Day of Peace).



Mr. Mohammad Izadpanah, born in 2003, is a blind guitarist from Galikesh county in Golestan province. He has recently became a member of Special Orchestra of Iran. The Special Orchestra of Iran, with the help of its artists, has its eyes on a bright future which it can reach its main goal which is the World peace.


Dear Haniyeh Hasanpour, is an artist with special visual condition, was born in 2007 in Bandar Abas city, and is a member of Hormozgan’s association of blinds and is active in the vocal group of this province. She has recently become a member of Special Orchestra of Iran. It is our honor that this band becomes greater and known more and more everyday with your kind support, dear freinds.