For this performance, the band moved there 3 days earlier and after two days of practicing in Sepid Tower, they performed their songs.

The presence of great men such as Dr. Nabi, the founder and the CEO of Arshia company; CEOs of different brands in Mashhad and officials in this performance led the Special Orchestra of Iran to receive more publicity from the various strata of society and receive the enough energy to continue its way.



This performance was on for two nights in Hamdam conference hall Charity and Rehabilitation institute and all songs  were played by the band artists. In this performance, popular artists such Mr. Reza Yazdani and Karbalayi zadeh, respectable  officials of Mashhad, and different groups of people and news agencies were present and had lots of positive effects on people’s view about abilities of people with special needs.


This performance was delivered on May 1st and 2nd in Fakhruddin As’ad Gorgani Hall and with the presence of city and provincial officials and the great people of Gorgan. Beside receiving gifts from the Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, members of the band were given a great welcome from Gorgan citizens on both nights.

To make this good event happen, all of the members alongside the leader, instructors and their companions left for Mashhad on March 2nd, and settled in State welfare organization campground. Group practices were done everyday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm in Hamdam institute’s gallery, and finally on March 8th’s evening the great concert of the Special Orchestra of Iran went on stage in the presence of Mr. Keivan Saket; the respectable mayor of Mashhad, the respectable general manager of Khorasan Razavi’s State welfare organization, and other officials and citizens.

In this concert beside playing the band’s songs, Mr. Saket and the Special Orchestra of Iran performed the “Bahare Delneshin” song together which was greatly welcomed by guests and prove the capabilities of the members of the band as much as possible.




The Special Orchestra of Iran after two years of continual effort, holding several camps and having lots of practices, finally had its first stage performance on November 2018 in Tehran, in the 500-seat hall of Surah, and performed 11 songs in different languages such as Persian, Russian, English, Latin, Arabic and Spanish with the goal of peace for people.

In this performance which was delivered with the help of the State welfare organization, specially Dr. Fakhri; great artists such as Mr. Loris Tjeknavorian, Mr. Mohsen Elhamian, Mehdi Qafourian, and Ms. Afsaneh Bayegan; and the band was greatly welcomed by the people.